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March 7, 2013 - Issue 2392

Study Shows Daylight Savings Time Change Increases Your Risk for Heart Attack

Study Shows Daylight Saving Time Change Increases Your Risk for Heart Attack

March 7, 2013 | 161,450 Views

This annual tradition is linked to an increased risk of heart attack the next day, higher suicide rates, lost productivity at work, and a greater chance of getting sick. Start these 10 natural strategies now to help protect yourself against the risks...

How Inflammation Affects Every Aspect of Your Health


March 7, 2013 | 689,654 Views

Inflammation is at the root of virtually all disease. Have you or a loved one dealt with pain, obesity, ADD/ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, or cancer? Then you're dealing with inflammation. Learn how to eliminate it instead of reaching for a drug that cannot get to the root cause.