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March 29, 2016 - Issue 3510

Court Finds GMA Guilty of Unlawful Shenanigans, Monsanto Has a New Immunity Rider, and Two More Academics Outed as 'Fronts'

No To GMOs

March 29, 2016

They wanted it both ways - to hide their ingredients, but without backlash. And now the court has ruled against them after finding they were even provided "media guidance" on how to lie when questions were asked. Please boycott these unethical brands by getting this app.

The Nitrogen Ticking Time Bomb

Nitrogen Fertilizer

March 29, 2016

Nitrogen fertilizers are considered a staple of modern-day farming, but, ironically, their use is devastating the environment. Even if nitrogen fertilizers were phased out today, new research shows they'd continue to pollute water supplies for at least three more decades.