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May 29, 2017 - Issue 3936

Surprise! Everything You've Been Told About Salt Is Wrong

salt health effects

May 29, 2017

Russian cosmonauts study busts the salt myth, showing it actually lowers your thirst and impacts your metabolism - it may have a surprising impact on your weight, and is way better than this toxic headache, eye damage, fatigue and depression laced alternative.

Are Bay Leaves Good for You?

bay leaves benefits

May 29, 2017

Bay leaves, from the laurel tree, are a typical ingredient in several meat sauces and vegetable soups. While the leaves are removed before consuming the food, the few hours of steeping provide not just a more complex flavor, but numerous health benefits for your heart, decreased inflammation, cancer suppression and more.

Eat More Yogurt and Avoid Osteoporosis

yogurt reduce osteoporosis risk

May 29, 2017

Yogurt is enjoyed by people all over the world, provides you with valuable nutrients like vitamin D and helps balance your gut flora. New research reveals that it's also good for your bones, protecting against osteoporosis in what may have been the largest study ever.