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August 2018
1 Liver Damage Is a Growing Epidemic

How Your Kidneys Influence Blood Pressure

Why You Should Be Concerned if You See Blood in Your Stool

2 High Blood Pressure Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia

Popular Kind of Meat Might Lead to Mood Swings and Mental Illness

Milkweed: A Plant That Breaks the Weed Stereotype

3 Plan and Plant Your Fall Garden Now

Echinacea: The All-American Flower

4 Is Your Sweet Tooth Setting You Up for a ‘Sugar Crash’?

Why You Need to Stop Biting Your Nails

What Happens to Your Body When You Use Medical Marijuana?

5 The Walsh Detoxification Program

Introduction to Yeast Infection, Causes and Treatment

6 Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Top Destination Sites for Health and Wellness

Weekly Health Quiz: Fatigue, Sugar and Fasting

7 Game Changer of the Year: Carole Baggerly Is Now Available in 10 Languages!

8 21 Health Tips to Celebrate 21 Years of

Top Articles of 2018

9 Gratitude Makes You Healthier, Happier and More Popular

Have You Tried the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

10 Fitness Checkup: Why You Need to Try the Nitric Oxide Dump Workout

The Importance of Standing More, Sitting Less

You Won't Want to Miss This Live EFT Demonstration

11 My Personal Journey on How I Went From Sick to Healthy

Valuable Nutrition Information at Your Fingertips With Mercola Food Facts

12 Updates on the Fight for Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercola Recipe Section Has Something for Everyone

13 Are Many Fish Oils Synthetic?

Ginger Is Great for Bad Breath

Organic Egg Farmer Wages War on 'Health' Agency

Weekly Health Quiz: Anniversary Week Recap

14 The European Union Versus US Food and Drug Administration — One Protects Consumers; the Other Ignores Them

The Organic Corporate Takeover

How Factory Farms Pump, Poison and Pollute the Earth

15 Between Pathogens and Chemical Contaminants, Chicken Is Best Avoided

Too Many Ultra-Processed Calories and Wasted Food

Are These Perilous Chemicals in Your Food?

16 Anxiety May Be an Inherited Trait

10 Reasons to Support Mercury-Free Dentistry

Lobelia May Help in Respiratory Health and Muscle Relaxation

17 How to Grow Leeks Easily

How to Grow Horseradish

18 Mercury-Free Dentists — Pioneers and Catalysts for 21st Century Health Care!

Dairy Debate: Should Nondairy Beverages Be Labeled as ‘Milk’?

Chaga Tea: Benefits of This Unusual but Health-Boosting Beverage

19 Dr. Cowan on Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

Learn More About Psoriasis: An Introduction to This Disease

20 The Benefits of Bitters

What Are the Benefits of Chamomile?

How to Properly Store Bulk Herbs and Loose Tea

Weekly Health Quiz: Fillings, Anxiety and Omega-3

21 Toxic Algae and Red Tide — The Steep Cost of Factory Farms

Factory Farm Responsible for Lettuce Contamination

Is Using Your Smartphone or Tablet in the Kitchen a Food Safety Hazard?

22 Lyme Disease Now Found in All US States

Obesity Impacts Flu Transmission

Asbestos and Benzene in Crayons and Markers

23 Controlled Breathing Calms Your Brain

Marmite to the Rescue for Stress and Anxiety

Yarrow: The Herb That Heals Wounds, and So Much More

24 Regular Sauna Use Decreases Disease

81-Year-Old Runner Breaking Records — ‘The Best Is yet to Come’

25 Genetically Modified Children: New Film Unveils the ‘Monstrous’ Child Deformities Caused by Agrochemicals in Argentina

Boxers or Briefs? What's Better for Your Sperm Count?

What to Expect When Drinking Essiac Tea

26 Beat Fatigue and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration

An Introduction to Stye: A Common Bacterial Infection of the Eyelid

27 Indole 3 Carbinol in Broccoli Shows Major Healing Potential

What Are the Benefits of Spermidine?

Eating Crickets Can Be Good for Your Gut

Weekly Health Quiz: Red Tide, Dehydration and Bitter Herbs

28 Monsanto’s Secrets Exposed — Will Bayer AG Survive the Fallout?

Breakfast With a Dose of Roundup?

Medical Kidnapping by Mayo Clinic

29 Medical Cannabis Offers New Hope for Those With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Blue Light Is Causing Blindness

Vaping Shuts Off Protective Cells in Your Lungs

30 Feelings of Loneliness Linked to Lack of Sleep

Blueberries Give Your Brain a Boost

Vervain: How This Vibrant Herb Works in Improving Health

31 How to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Growing Meyer Lemons at Home