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February 5, 2019 - Issue 4558

WHO, Pharma, Gates and Government: Who’s Calling the Shots?

vaccine hesitancy

February 5, 2019

It was just declared one of the top global health threats in 2019 - right up there with Ebola, dengue fever and HIV. But you wouldn't believe the sleight of hand taking place behind the scenes, and the do-gooders reaping vast harm around the globe. Are you being targeted??

Why Snopes Gets an 'F'

snopes failed fact checking

February 5, 2019

Internet watchdog Snopes gets a failing grade for 'fact-checking' an investigative report into the autism-vaccine link by CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. Snopes spewed predictable propaganda, not real facts, and used one-sided references as its sources in an attempt to discredit the report and the potential link between vaccines and autism.

Gene-Edited Chickens Are Here

gene-edited chickens

February 5, 2019

Scientists have used CRISPR gene-editing technology to create chickens that are resistant to the flu. Already, however, they’re anticipating that the public may be less-than-enthusiastic about gene-edited chickens on the dinner table.