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April 10, 2019 - Issue 4622

How Top Opioid Maker Seeks to Avoid Justice

purdue pharma exploring bankruptcy

April 10, 2019

This killer snuffed out a record 47,600 lives in 2017, a trend that has been on the rise since 2002. The most tragic part? Studies show their long-term use (which is common) may diminish their intended benefits because of how they can change your body's perception.

Teenage Psychosis Linked to Air Pollution for the First Time

teenage psychosis linked to air pollution

April 10, 2019

A nationally representative sample of twins found those living in urban areas with greater levels of pollution had a higher risk of experiencing a psychotic episode. You may reduce your health risk by making several simple changes.

40 Kilos of Plastic Found in Guts of Whale

plastic found in guts of whale

April 10, 2019

The sad state of the ocean environment was visibly demonstrated when an emaciated whale died on a Philippines shore and necropsy revealed over 88 pounds of plastic in the gut. You may become a part of a global solution at home.