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March 17, 2020 - Issue 4964

Will Wearing a Mask Protect You Against Coronavirus?

coronavirus mask

March 17, 2020

Fear of COVID-19 has led to a massive surge in sales of surgical face masks and respirators. While health experts argue that masks won't protect healthy people against infection, previous studies may paint a different story. But, could wearing a mask actually increase your risk of infection?

Flu Vaccines Failing Seniors

senior flu shot

March 17, 2020

Yet another study has highlighted influenza vaccination's limited effectiveness in seniors, this time showing that it does nothing to reduce hospitalizations or mortality among elderly people.

School Sues to Force Autism Test on 7-Year-Old

force autism test

March 17, 2020

In a highly unusual move, the Dallas Independent School District has filed a lawsuit against a student's mother, who refused to allow her son to be tested for autism in order to receive special education services. The Texas Education Agency twice sided with the mother to allow for services to be administered without the test, but the district pressed on to escalate the matter.