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How to Grow Fenugreek

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  • An ancient herb with both culinary and medicinal uses, fenugreek leaves and seeds are health beneficial and very versatile
  • Ten or 20 fenugreek seeds, which grow inside long seed pods, can be toasted to give them a milder, aromatic quality or ground into a powder to make pastes or sauces for a number of dishes
  • Sow fenugreek seeds directly in the ground, in trays or pots, but the herb is a little finicky about being transplanted, so make sure seedlings are vigorous before moving outside and can drain easily
  • Both the seeds and leaves contain high amounts of soluble fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and lesser-known compounds such as diosgenin, giving it a unique healing profile
  • Aluminum toxicity, mental aging and digestive problems are just a few of the conditions that adding fenugreek to your dishes may help alleviate

Not everyone is familiar with the plant known as fenugreek but, like many herbs, it has both medicinal and nutritional value. This annual herb, though, is also a legume from the Fabaceae family from the genus Trigonella. Its East Indian name is "methi;" other areas of the world may refer to it as greek clover, greek hay, goat's horn or bird's foot.

The Trigonella foenum-graecum, fenugreek's botanical name, grows 1 or 2 feet high and bears white or yellow flower clusters and small, rounded rhomboid or slightly elongated triangle-shaped leaves, depending on the variety.

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