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How to Grow Mint at Home

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  • A hardy perennial plant, mint is easy for beginning gardeners. As it is very aggressive and invasive, it grows best in container gardens in full sun or partial shade
  • The powerfully fragrant plant has a rich history; it was used in medieval times to freshen room air and in perfumes, and used to symbolize hospitality, offered as a sign of welcome and friendship to guests
  • Mint is available in a number of different varieties, the most common and popular are peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, lemon balm and catmint, otherwise known as catnip
  • Packed with antioxidants, mint leaves and essential oil add significant health benefits including reducing seasonal allergic reactions and relieving nausea and gastric discomfort, but should never be used if you have GERD, as it may worsen symptoms

Mint is a popular herb with a rich history and folklore. The plant is hardy, available nearly year-round and easily grown as demonstrated in this video. From the genus Mentha with 25 species of fragrant herbs, mint is capable of arousing strong feelings in different cultures. For instance, the French don't often use mint, while the English and Middle Eastern cultures enjoy it in many dishes.

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