Garlic Could be Used as Cancer Treatment

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January 17, 2004 | 51,263 views

Researchers have found that allicin, a chemical found in garlic that gives it its flavor, could be used to fight cancer. A previous study also found that allicin can fight MRSA, or staph infection. Although allicin is toxic, it breaks down quickly and harmlessly when eaten. The chemical is not present in unbroken cloves of garlic, but is produced when the clove is broken.

It is through this natural chemical reaction that allicin may be able to fight cancer. Researchers recreated the toxic reaction between alliinase and alliin (the two components that covert to allicin) at tumor sites by using an antibody that had been programmed to recognize tumor cells. The antibody was bound to alliinase and injected into the bloodstream to find cancer cells.

Alliin was also injected, and when the two components come together to form allicin, the reaction penetrates and kills the tumor cells.

Researchers say the finding is encouraging, and believe the method could work for most types of cancers as long as an antibody could be designed to recognize different types of cancer cells.

BBC News December 31, 2003

Garlic is one of my favorite foods, and it is one foodthat you should be eating every day. Previous studieshave shown that garlicmay have a potential role in lowering one’s cholesterollevels and now more studies prove that garlicmay help prevent cancer.

It is important to note that the garlic MUST be fresh.The active ingredient allicin is destroyed within one hourof smashing the garlic. When you use the garlic it will beimportant to compress the garlic with a spoon prior to swallowingit if you are not going to cook it with food or juice it.If you swallow the clove intact you will not convert the allicinto its active form.

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