Reduce Gum Disease with Grapefruit?

Eating two grapefruits a day can reduce gum bleeding for those who suffer from gum disease.

A two-week study showed that eating two grapefruits a day raised vitamin C levels for all participants. The vitamin C level of smokers in the study almost doubled.

Grapefruit increases blood levels of vitamin C, which promotes healing, and also lessens damage caused by free radical molecules. This aids in the repair of gums.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

It is amazing how powerful natural whole foods can be in improving and optimizing nearly all sorts of disease.

It is important to understand though that no food is universally healthy for everyone. While many people enjoy and benefit from grapefruit, others health may actually worsen with it.

It has been my experience that protein types, who usually don't do well with citrus fruits, should limit or avoid grapefruit, as it might actually increase gum disease. The bioflavanoids and polyphenolics in grapefruit that produce this benefit would be best obtained from non citrus fruits.

You may be wondering if you could get the same benefits from a vitamin C supplement. Though I consider most supplements safe and some beneficial, there is no substitute for getting vitamins through good food choices.

You see technically vitamin C is ascorbic acid, but most of the benefits from vitamin C comes from the large variety of bioflavanoids and polyphenolics. If you simply take straight vitamin C you will not likely receive many of the benefits this study found.

I encourage preventing gum disease naturally. It's particularly important not to use regular toothpaste as it contains fluoride, a dangerous poison not intended for human use.


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