Real Reason Why Raw Milk Was Banned In California

(This video was originally recorded for the 10/3/06 newsletter.)

In late September, the state of California claimed to have linked cases of E. coli poisoning to raw organic milk produced by Mark McAfee, and imposed a quarantine and recall.

McAfee's 15,000 customers regarded the recall as a government conspiracy to deny them raw milk, and raced for the last bottles on the health-food market shelves.

California officials attempted to blame the owner/farmer of Organic Pastures Dairy for a sub-strain of E. coli bacteria (O157:H7) that seriously sickened five children, and health officials tested samples at the farmer's dairy twice.

However, they found no 0157:H7, and eventually lifted the quarantine. Once again, his raw milk became available on grocery store shelves in California.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:


The Los Angeles Times is the latest mainstream media source to pick up on what we're doing to change the face of health into a safer one that diagnoses and treats conditions naturally. I was pleased to find them refer to me as a "naturopathic guru."

Too bad, it's in connection with another in the growing number of stories linked to the government's heavy-handed approach to raw milk.

Fortunately, Tom McAfee's Organic Pastures Dairy brand is back on the shelves, competing next to "organic" brands that are as health-harming and pasteurized as the conventional varieties sold in most grocery stores.

The benefits of drinking raw milk are more than obvious, just as the ridiculous attempts by many so-called "experts" to dispel them. Just a reminder, you can find a local provider of raw milk near you by visiting the Real Milk site.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of raw milk:

  • It has more nutrients: Raw milk is an outstanding source of nutrients including healthy beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus, vitamins and enzymes.


  • It does not cause allergies: Raw milk is not associated with any of the health problems surrounding pasteurized milk such as rheumatoid arthritis, skin rashes, diarrhea and cramps. Even people who have been allergic to pasteurized milk for many years can typically tolerate and even thrive on raw milk.


  • It tastes better: As with any food, fresher is always better and this applies to milk as well. Fresh raw milk is creamier and better tasting than pasteurized milk that has a shelf life of several weeks.

On Vital Votes, Cara from Vista, California tells us:

"My family and I have been enjoying Organic Pasture's raw milk for over a year now. I was in shock when my mother-in-law called me that morning to tell me that it was being 'blamed' for spreading e. coli. From what I knew of the owner and the sound operation of the farm I knew something was not right.

"Sure enough, after 3 weeks the ban was lifted. I never threw out any of the milk I had on hand although I waited for 2 days until the 2 out of 600 tests performed on the farm and animals showed no signs of any pathogen including e. coli. The authorities were desperately looking for or should we say trying to create guilt. Thank goodness they were unsuccessful this time.

"Since then I've been following the news and watching the almost rabid pursuit to bring raw milk down. Do you know it all started with the spinach outbreak?

The officials blamed wild pigs jumping the fence. What they are hiding is the real reason ... 'government' experimentation of water recycling ... 'toilet to tap.' What was designated to be used strictly on golf courses etc and never on land used for human consumption was conveniently hidden and was in fact used to irrigate those spinach fields."

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