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Walmart Stores Found to Increase Obesity

Walmart Stores Found to Increase Obesity

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  • A new study suggests the proliferation of Walmart Supercenters explains 10.5% of the rise in obesity since the late 1980s
  • An additional Wal-Mart Supercenter per 100,000 residents increases average body-mass index (BMI) by 0.24 units and the obesity rate by 2.3% points
  • Basing your diet on processed foods like those at Wal-Mart is a major contributing factor in the obesity epidemic because these foods are highly processed, and contain high levels of fructose, sugar and refined grains
  • Limiting fructose in your diet, including those from processed foods, is essential to fighting obesity and losing weight

By Dr. Mercola

If you've seen Robert Greenwald's excellent documentary, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices, you're aware of the many social and financial problems created every time a Wal-Mart store opens in your area.

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