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Human Intellect Backsliding From Lack of Evolutionary Pressure: Study

Brain Power

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  • The optimization of a vast arrav of genes related to intelligence may have peaked in the early stages of human evolution, when your ability to survive depended much more than now on your higher cognitive faculties
  • Now that this evolutionary pressure is gone, genetic mutations that interfere with optimal intellectual function, or even contribute to disabilities, are becoming more common; it’s estimated that while there are anywhere form 2,000 to 5,000 genes that play a role in intellectual ability, all humans now have two or more mutations that may disrupt their intellectual or emotional stability
  • On a personal level, you can impact your brain function and cognitive abilities by making simple tweaks to your lifestyle and daily routine

By Dr. Mercola

You might think that human intellect is like riding a bike... once you've got it, it's there for good. But new research from Stanford University suggests that not only is human intellect not a "given"... it may actually be regressing.

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