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Why Is a Child’s Health Often Damaged at Conception?

Baby Health During Pregnancy

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  • A mother's obesity can predispose her fetus to heart attacks by causing the first clinical sign of cardiovascular disease before birth. Diet during pregnancy and early childhood have lifelong health effects on children.
  • A third of a newborn baby's blood is outside his body in the umbilical cord. Routine cord clamping deprives neonates of their birthright to their own lifesaving blood.
  • Routine caesarian deliveries and umbilical cord clamping are depriving children of the edge that can mean life or death.
  • Suboptimal breastfeeding may be responsible for taking the lives of tens of thousands of infants each year. Along with perfect nutrition, mother's milk provides life-saving antibodies and immune system factors to newborns.

By Dr. Mercola

Children's health and full potential are being limited before their lives have begun, starting in the womb and continuing through birth and the early years.

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