10 Tips to Combat Coronavirus 10 Tips to Combat Coronavirus


Your Gut Flora Could Determine Your Mental Health

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  • Contrary to popular belief, depression is not typically the result of ‘low serotonin’ levels, nor is it an imbalance that needs to be fixed with antidepressant drugs
  • Eleven billion dollars are spent each year on antidepressant medications, pharmaceutical companies have 625 lobbyists, and they underwrite more than 70% of FDA trials
  • There are no studies that show a better outcome in those prescribed antidepressants long term, while side effects are well documented; long-term antidepressant treatment even compromises the known benefits of exercise
  • Prior to the widespread use of antidepressants, the National Institute of Mental Health told the public that people regularly recovered from a depressive episode, and often never experienced a second episode
  • We need to identify vulnerabilities, modifiable exposures, and support basic cellular function, detox, and immune response to effectively treat depression


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