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Mother's Fears Are Passed to Children Through Smell, Study Suggests

Hereditary Trauma

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  • Hereditary trauma can be passed down from generation to generation, such that children may suffer from the same behavioral issues, fears, and phobias as their parents
  • In an animal study, newborn pups learned to fear the smell of peppermint their mothers had been conditioned to fear prior to pregnancy
  • Traumatic stress alters “microRNAs” in mice blood, brains, and sperm, leading to significant alterations in offspring that impact behavior
  • An imbalance in microRNAs in sperm, brought on by trauma, is one way in which emotional trauma is passed down through generations, a factor that is likely triggered when the body produces too much stress hormone

By Dr. Mercola

Emotional trauma would seem, at face value, to be a highly individual experience, impacting primarily the person going through the ordeal. However, emotional trauma, fears, and phobias also impact people with close ties to the victim, including their children… even if the trauma happened years before they are born.

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