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Fluoride Isn't the Answer, Sugar Is the Problem

Too Much Sugar Consumption

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  • New research shows your risk of cavities increases the more sugar you eat – and this was found to be true despite the use of fluoride
  • The new study found that, in order to minimize your risk of cavities, sugar should make up no more than 3 percent of your total energy intake
  • Adults aged 65 and older living in areas with fluoridated water and in areas where most people use fluoridated toothpaste accounted for nearly half of all tooth surfaces affected by cavities
  • Yet, the prevalence of cavities was markedly reduced in adults whose diets were made up of 3 percent sugar or less
  • By far, excess dietary sugar – not a lack of fluoride -- is the most significant factor in driving dental decay

By Dr. Mercola

Dental caries are caused by demineralization of your teeth (enamel and dentin) by the acids formed during the bacterial fermentation of dietary sugars.

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