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Fat Versus Carbs — Higher Amounts of Dietary Fat Actually Improve Your Metabolic Health

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  • Dietary fats are the preferred fuel of human metabolism. A 2016 U.K. report on obesity warned the policy to encourage people to eat a low-fat diet is having a “disastrous impact on health”
  • According to the authors, the current guidelines have been manipulated and corrupted for commercial gain by the food and beverage industries, and are based on flawed science
  • To lose weight, stop counting calories, eat a high-fat, low net-carb diet until you burn fat for fuel and then make it cyclical, and be careful with meal timing

By Dr. Mercola

Most of us eat too much sugar, and far too little healthy fat. Many also eat too much protein, which may actually be even riskier than a high-carb diet in some health respects. Unfortunately, the notion that glucose is the preferred fuel for your body has become deeply ingrained over the decades.

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