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Paying Respect to Dr. Kummerow

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  • Dr. Fred Kummerow, the key figure behind a lawsuit filed against the FDA to get trans fats removed from processed foods and stop blaming saturated fat for heart disease, died on June 2, 2017, at 102 years old
  • Major news sources acknowledged Kummerow’s patience and resolve as he worked for decades to rid foods of artery-clogging trans fat, which experts say may save as many as 90,000 people a year from premature death
  • Trans fat, found in partially hydrogenated oil, may cause heart disease, as may the consumption of oxidized cholesterol, found in fried foods and, sadly, about 95 percent of the foods Americans eat are processed
  • It took Kummerow’s tough stance with the FDA to get them to concede that trans fats were not safe, with the caveat that unless a manufacturer could present convincing scientific evidence that a particular use was safe, they would be banned after June 18, 2018

By Dr. Mercola

As they say, patience is a virtue, and that's part of what it took for Dr. Fred A. Kummerow to accomplish what was arguably his most important work: spearheading a federal ban on synthetic trans fats in processed foods. It took nearly 50 years of what The New York Times described as his "contrarian" nature to get the job done, and it wasn't an easy task.

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