Weekly Health Quiz: Autophagy, Toxins and Depression

1 Which of the following can predict whether you'll contract influenza after exposure to the flu virus?

  • Having a vitamin D level below 60 ng/mL
  • Having an omega-3 index below 8 percent
  • Having a natural killer cell ratio below 10 percent

    Recent research found people whose immune cells consisted of 10 to 13 percent NK cells remained disease free after exposure to the flu virus, whereas those below 10 percent became ill. Learn more.

  • Having a natural killer cell ratio above 10 percent in combination with high vitamin D

2 CRISPR-Cas9 is a novel technology that allows for very precise DNA editing. However, two recent studies highlight the identical problem, warning the process may trigger which condition?

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Birth defects and deformities
  • Cancer

    While CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing is more precise in that you can target a specific area of the genome, two recent studies warn the gene editing process can trigger cancer. Learn more.

  • Mitochondrail dysfunction

3 Autophagy refers to your body's process of eliminating damaged cells by digesting them, and autophagy defects are known to contribute to a wide variety of diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Which of the following lifestyle strategies is known to be a powerful and effective way to activate and improve autophagy naturally?

  • Grounding to the Earth by walking barefoot
  • Getting regular sun exposure
  • Eating less net carbohydrates
  • Fasting

    There are a number of ways to activate and increase autophagy, including fasting, exercise, eating autophagy-boosting foods and AMPK-activating supplements such as berberine and PQQ. Learn more.

4 Depression can stem from a wide variety of biological, psychological and environmental factors. Which of the following has NOT been shown to raise your risk of depression?

  • Processed food diet and/or nutritional deficiencies
  • Meditation

    More than 200 drugs have depression as a listed side effect. Diet, nutritional deficiencies, excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields and many other factors have also been linked to an increased risk of depression. Learn more.

  • Medications (as a side effect)
  • Electromagnetic field exposure

5 Research shows that whenever you're unable to perform load-bearing exercises, you not only lose muscle mass, your body chemistry is impacted in such a way that the following systems also deteriorate:

  • Digestive and excretory systems
  • Renal system
  • Brain and nervous system

    Physical exercise, especially strength training, is important for healthy brain and nervous system function. A number of studies have linked leg muscle strength in particular to various cognitive benefits. Learn more.

  • Integumentary system

6 Which of the following statements is false?

  • Studies have shown organic farming provides unique social benefits and is more profitable for the farmer
  • Studies have shown organic foods contain just as many pesticides and the same amount of nutrients as conventional foods

    Hundreds of studies have shown organic foods contain fewer detectable pesticides than conventional and higher levels of certain nutrients, especially antioxidants, which are important for health and disease prevention. Learn more.

  • Studies have shown organic foods contain fewer detectable pesticides than conventional foods
  • Studies have shown organic foods contain higher amounts of some nutrients, particularly antioxidants

7 What is one of the most pernicious toxins people are continuously exposed to?

  • Blue light
  • Non-native electromagnetic fields

    One of the most pernicious toxins we are exposed to isn't a substance at all; it's invisible electromagnetic fields from electrical wiring and wireless technologies such as your cellphone and Wi-Fi. Learn more.

  • Sugar
  • Phthalates
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