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Gout Pill Poses Major Risk for Your Heart

gout and heart disease

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  • Gout is triggered by uric acid, a metabolic product of fructose; it’s an antioxidant and pro-oxidant, triggering the formation of crystals when excess is produced, causing pain, swelling, heat and redness over a joint
  • A drug approved in 2009, Uloric, was originally denied twice as it was linked to an increase in cardiovascular death; once approved, the FDA required a post-market study, which revealed a 34 percent increase in death without any increase in benefit compared to older drugs
  • Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has petitioned the FDA to remove the drug claiming “overwhelming evidence that the serious cardiovascular harms of uloric outweigh any purported clinical benefits”
  • Medications prescribed to relieve gout and prevent flare-ups have numerous side effects, but left untreated the condition may cause further health damage; you may reduce flare-ups or prevent the disease through lifestyle choices, including limiting fructose, exercising and eating potassium-rich foods

By Dr. Mercola

First identified by the Egyptians in 2640 B.C., gout was later recognized by Hippocrates, who referred to it as “the unwalkable disease.” The condition appeared to be associated with a lifestyle often only afforded by the affluent, and so gained the label “disease of kings.” Today, however, science has a better understanding of how gout is triggered.

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