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Cover Crops May Be a Growing Problem for Clean Water

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

Story at-a-glance -

  • Cover crops may reduce the need for nitrogen-based fertilizer, but terminating growth with herbicides increases phosphorus pollution and damages the soil
  • Overuse of nitrogen fertilizers triggered an open letter to the United Nations from 150 international scientists calling for regulations to reduce nitrogen pollution
  • As the U.S. pulls out of global treaties aimed at pollution control, Big Ag promotes an agenda that is triggering devastating droughts and floods
  • Researchers find glyphosate contributes to phosphorus pollution. In combination with nitrogen overload, these extra nutrients are feeding dangerous algae blooms
  • You can protect your health and the local environment by sourcing as much of your food as possible from local regenerative farmers who use diverse, organic processes

Animal waste and fertilizer runoff are two large contributors to water pollution, yet Big Ag has consistently turned a blind eye to the resulting devastating climate effects on their own industry. As this short video demonstrates, rising concentrations of nitrogen in the water feeds algae and chokes the oxygen supply to wildlife, creating expansive dead zones.

In addition to an impact on fish and wildlife, climate change is being blamed for record-setting rain in the Midwest in 2019. Croplands were so ravaged by water that farmers were forced to delay planting corn. Typically, 96% of croplands would have been planted by June, but in corn-heavy states like Indiana, Ohio and Illinois, the rates were as low as 31%, 33% and 45% respectively.

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