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Omega-3 Index More Predictive Than Cholesterol Levels

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

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  • Your omega-3 index has a greater impact on risk of heart disease than does your cholesterol level
  • Plant-based omega-3 ALA is converted in restricted amounts to EPA and DHA, but not in large enough amounts to support your brain and heart health
  • EPA and DHA improve blood pressure, reduce inflammation and help slow the progression of Alzheimer's
  • The best sources of EPA and DHA are fatty fish such as herring, anchovies and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, as well as grass fed beef and dairy that have a nearly 1-to-1 ratio of omega-3 to 6

The ketogenic diet is beneficial for many people as it helps with weight control and management and offers protection against a number of health ailments. Approached incorrectly, however, it can actually be harmful.

In this short video Dr. Eric Berg warns, "The last thing you want to do is get the benefits of the ketogenic diet but then have deficiencies of omega-3 fatty acids." If you're following a standard ketogenic nutrition plan I recommend you focus on eating healthy fats and 1 gram of protein for every kilogram of body mass. You should also keep your net carbohydrates to not more than 10% of your daily calories.

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