Allergy Relief Without Antihistamines

By Christine Wheeler, MA

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a new, drug-free treatment that has been a welcome surprise for many allergy sufferers. Eighty percent of those who suffer with allergy symptoms and try this novel approach are able to reduce or vanish their symptoms within a few minutes. 

Also, amazing as this sounds, repeated applications are often able to eliminate allergies permanently so that those foods, pollens, perfumes, etc. are no longer bothersome.

EFT is a new procedure that borrows from the discoveries of Albert Einstein (everything, including your body, is composed of energy) and from the ancient wisdom of Chinese acupuncture. 

In essence, EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture except that needles are not necessary. Instead, certain release points are stimulated by tapping them with the fingertips. Further, the basics of EFT can be learned by anyone and can be self-applied (usually in minutes).

Here is a synopsis of an actual case where a medical doctor used EFT to eliminate a severe allergic reaction. The complete case can be read on the EFT Web site.

Dr. Anne Curtis MD used EFT to counteract a severe antibiotic reaction.

Dr. Curtis was called out in the middle of the night to attend Sara who was having a serious reaction to antibiotics. Sara was covered from head to toe with a very red and itchy allergic rash that felt like it was burning. To add to her discomfort, Sara was concerned because she'd had an allergic reaction to antibiotics in the past that resulted in a breathing impairment and excessive swelling. She was afraid to have her already intense reaction get even worse.

For a variety of reasons, both doctor and patient preferred to avoid giving Sara more drugs. So, Dr. Curtis suggested EFT because it involved no drugs and was very gentle to apply. EFT was first applied to Sara's worst symptom--her horribly itching prickling eyes. It vanished within three minutes.

The eyes taken care of, Sara's next worst symptom was her itchy prickling face. Another three minutes of EFT and it was gone as well. Next on Sara's list of symptoms was the burning on her arms from the rash. Another three minutes of EFT eliminated that reaction as well.

After about nine minutes of tapping, Sara felt fine.

There was no itching or burning or prickling feeling left. When they looked at Sara's rash, it was already beginning to subside with white patches appearing amongst the red blotches.

Sara felt completely comfortable and went back to bed for a good sleep. Dr. Curtis saw Sara in the morning (just hours later) and there was no rash at all. And, Sara did not develop a breathing problem or excessive swelling as she had in the past.

We don't know if applying EFT with her physician eliminated her allergy to the antibiotics, but we do know that all the symptoms associated with her allergic reaction to the antibiotics disappeared. 

Please note that, in addition to improving allergies with EFT, it has been a consistently effective healing tool for hundreds of other physical, mental and emotional ailments. For more information, you can explore the EFT Web site and look through some of the thousands of success stories collected from people who have effectively used EFT to eliminate their fears, phobias, emotional traumas and physical ailments.

While a complete description of EFT is beyond the scope of this article, you can learn all the basics from the free EFT Get Started Package, including a free download of the 79-page EFT ManualThose wishing to save time and dive right in can get the very affordable training DVDs.

Please consult qualified health professionals before putting EFT into practice for yourself or others.




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