Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Prevent Osteoporosis

Additional Vitamin D for pregnant women could help prevent osteoporotic fractures in their children, according to a new study.

Tracking Nutritional Habits and Health

Researchers tracked the health of nearly 200 British children born from 1991-92, along with the health, nutritional habits and vitamin D intake of their mothers.

Then, they followed up with health exams on those children at age 9 to learn how those variables affected bone health.

Weaker Bones

Children whose mothers didn't get enough vitamin D by taking a supplement or getting enough sunshine grew up with weaker bones, increasing their risks of osteoporosis later in life.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Most everyone knows how important vitamin D is in keeping your bones strong. However, many are unaware that this benefit will also extend to your children if you maintain optimum vitamin D levels during your pregnancy.

Optimizing your sun exposure and levels of vitamin D may, indeed, be one of the most important physical steps you can take in support of your long-term health. In fact, getting the right amount of vitamin D treats and prevents a variety of ailments and diseases, including:

  • Protection against multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Prevention of diabetes
  • Signaling any cancer cells in your colon, breast and prostate to stop growing abnormally and eventually succumb to programmed cell death

However, the best way to increase your vitamin D levels -- getting enough sunshine -- can be very challenging during these colder, shorter days of winter for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere.

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