How the Best Get Better

Many of us watched the Olympics and can appreciate that these world class athletes rarely excel in their sport  without the support of a coach and mentor.  The older I get, the more I appreciate the importance of finding people to coach and mentor me in many areas of my life as well.

Life is simply far too short to not take advantage of the skills and expertise of people who can help guide and support you to reach your goals.

For example, last year I started taking tennis lessons and now have a decent forehand and backhand groundstroke that has allowed me to progress to an intermediate 3.5 player.

Earlier this year I enrolled in a business coaching program for entrepreneurs called Strategic Coaching, which was created by Dan Sullivan thirty years ago ,and has worked with tens of thousands of individuals during that time.  Some of the most successful people I know are members of this group.

One of the primary reasons I joined was to help reclaim more balance in my life. Interestingly, nearly everyone in the program is able to double their time off without decreasing their income. Fortunately the program has been enormously successful in helping me achieve that goal. 

How the Best Get Better

One of the tools that Strategic Coach uses is a special time system for entrepreneurs that can radically improve your ability to get more done and have more free time.

One of the important principles they teach is regarding your own individual "unique ability". Your unique ability is a superior innate skill that you possess, and other people notice and value about you. It is some activity that you thoroughly enjoy and want to do as often as possible, as it is engaging for you, and others around you.

You typically get better and better at it, and  never run out of possibilities for improvement in this area. You can download Dan Sullivan‘s past newsletter on this topic for more information.

Dan has also created a great book, which comes with  two audio CD's  called, How the Best Get Better.  It captures a great deal of the wisdom that is shared in his more expensive coaching program.

Imagine yourself on this date, three years from now in the year 2011.  You are looking back to today.  What must have happened over the last three years -- personally and professionally -- for you to feel happy with your progress?

Helping you make those things happen is what Strategic Coach is about. 

How the Best Get Better teaches a whole new way to focus that will result in:

  • A happier, more balanced lifestyle.
  • A calmer, more focused approach to work.
  • Less guilt about free time.
  • Greatly improved support team.
  • Better quality clients.
  • A confident approach to the future.

Dan's programs can help just about any business person, but they are specifically designed for business owners, professional practitioners, and commissioned salespeople. Unfortunately not everyone is accepted into his program as there are minimum income requirements to begin the process.

How the Best Get Better is available to anyone however, and at $50 is a real steal.

If you have any questions you can contact Strategic Coach at 416-531-7399 or 1-800-387-3206 for more information, or you can read their brochure.

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