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List of Best & Worst Vegetables to Eat

Organic Vegetables

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  • One of the best ways to rapidly improve your health is to consume plenty of fresh, organic vegetables; one of the easiest ways to increase your veggie intake is by juicing
  • It would be helpful to adjust your juice intake according to your nutritional type, which can be determined by taking a free online test on this website
  • Organic vegetables are one of your best choices, but ONLY if they are fresh and not wilted—in that case, you are probably better off with fresh, conventional vegetables (preferably from small local farms)
  • Recognize that all vegetables are not the same, when it comes to chemical load (pesticides, herbicides, etc.); the produce with the highest and lowest chemical loads are listed
  • It is theorized that one of the reasons fresh vegetables are so good for you is they are rich in biophotons, or small particles of light that are stored and used by all biological organisms (including your body); the more biophoton light a food contains, the more nutritious it is when you consume it

By Dr. Mercola

There's little doubt that one of the best ways to improve your health is to make sure you're eating plenty of fresh, minimally processed high-quality vegetables, ideally locally-grown and organic, with a majority of them consumed raw (see my recommended list of vegetables below). One simple way to boost your vegetable intake is to juice them.

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