10 Tips to Combat Coronavirus 10 Tips to Combat Coronavirus


Ignore This Essential Habit and Your Health Will Eventually Decline

Ignore This Essential Habit and Your Health Will Eventually Decline

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  • Seven tips to improve your sleep are listed
  • Previous research has also demonstrated that sleep has a profound impact on the human stress-immune relationship. People who were more likely to awaken during the first sleep cycle also tended to have lower levels of natural killer cells
  • When sepsis was induced in the mice, the severity of the disease was found to be dependent on the timing of the induction. Severity directly correlated with cyclical changes in TLR9. This may help explain why septic patients are known to be at higher risk of dying between the hours of 2 am and 6 am
  • A new study shows how lack of sleep may be directly associated with your chances of getting sick, as the circadian clock of mice was found to be tied to the rise and fall of an essential immune system gene (TLR9) that helps sense and ward off bacteria and viruses

By Dr. Mercola

Researchers have learned that circadian rhythms—the 24-hour cycles known as your internal body clock—are involved in everything from sleep to weight gain, mood disorders, and a variety of diseases.

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