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The Truth About Eggs – What Commercial Egg Farmers Don’t Want You to Know

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  • The Humane Society released an undercover video showing horrific conditions at a CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) in Pennsylvania housing seven million hens, including filth and overcrowding and apparently untended dead birds
  • The raising of massive numbers of egg-laying hens indoors and in cages in huge commercial operations has detrimental effects on the birds, the environment, the eggs, and ultimately on your health; research proves salmonella contamination is related to these adverse conditions
  • The Humane Society is endorsing and promoting new animal handling legislation specific to the egg industry. The Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2012 (H.R. 3798), which proposes a new housing system that would double the space allotted for each hen, is supported by the United Egg Producers, and has a total of 53 sponsors
  • The solution lies in raising animals naturally and sustainably, as modeled by pioneering farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, expert and author of several books on the subject
  • You can be part of the solution by obtaining your eggs from a local farmer who raises them humanely and sustainably, understanding your egg carton labels, and possibly even raising your own chickens

By Dr. Mercola

A massive scale egg producer in Pennsylvania has made the news for inhumane treatment of chickens and unsanitary conditions.

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