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Is Your Skin Product a Fire Hazard?

flammable skin products

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  • Dry skin is more than a cosmetic problem, as cracked skin allows bacteria to enter and increase your risk of infection, but some heavy emollient creams are flammable and most contain toxic chemicals
  • The flammable ingredient is paraffin wax, made from a refined and bleached petroleum byproduct that temporarily makes your skin “feel” smooth, but has no long-lasting benefit
  • Dry skin is best treated from the inside out by increasing your intake of animal-based omega-3 fat; the best sources are found in small fish at the bottom of the food chain that contain less pollutants from the environment
  • External and internal use of coconut oil has a number of health benefits, including improving your heart health, collagen production, lowering bacterial growth on your skin and moisturizing your skin

By Dr. Mercola

Dry skin, or other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, may prompt you to purchase heavy emollient creams to take care of the problem. Aside from feeling tight, itchy and generally uncomfortable, the most disquieting symptom of these skin conditions is often a cosmetic one. Your skin may be flaking, scaling and peeling, or it may feel rough and have the appearance of fine lines and cracks. While you may find this unsightly, cracked skin also makes a good entryway for germs.

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