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Is It Dandruff or Dry Scalp?

dandruff or dry scalp

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  • By the age of 20, nearly 50 percent of the world has had one bout of dandruff and nearly 20 percent of Americans will suffer from the condition; however, not all flaking scalp skin is the result of dandruff
  • Flaking dead skin cells from dandruff results from a fungal infection producing oleic acid, which in turn increases the rate of skin shedding from your scalp
  • Simple dietary changes such as reducing carbohydrates and increasing healthy fat have a significant impact on treatment of flaking skin, whether from dry skin or reducing the effects of a fungal infection
  • Natural remedies for dandruff that are healthier for you and the environment include patchouli oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and garlic

By Dr. Mercola

By age 20, nearly 50 percent of the worldwide population, and 20 percent of Americans, will have suffered from dandruff. While a small amount of flaking on your scalp is normal, some people experience an unusually large amount, either chronically or as the result of specific triggers. If you have experienced problems with flaking scalp, then you're likely familiar with the embarrassment it brings.

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