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Is Your Gut Causing Sleepless Nights?

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  • It’s already known that sleep influences your gut health, in part because lack of it makes it harder for you to control your impulses and manipulates hormones linked to food intake, causing you to eat more and crave unhealthy foods
  • Now researchers are asking whether the opposite also holds true and perhaps your microbiome influences your ability to sleep as well
  • There could be a link between sleep quality, composition of gut microbiome and cognitive flexibility in older adults
  • Prebiotics, which act as food for beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, in your gut, have been found to influence sleep in animal studies
  • When men slept for just four hours a night for two nights in a row, the balance of bacteria in their gut shifted in ways linked to metabolic disturbances

By Dr. Mercola

You share your body with trillions of microorganisms, the bulk of which reside in your gut, including your stomach and small and large intestines. There, however, they are not restricted to influencing only the goings-on of your digestive process.

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