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Booze Causes Bad Breath

alcohol causes bad breath

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  • Your gut and oral microbiome are intricately linked to your health, which means imbalances increase your risk of inflammation and chronic disease
  • Drinking just one alcoholic beverage a day creates an imbalance in your oral microbiome, which may increase your risk of hypertension, cancers and bad breath, and a woman’s risk of PMS
  • Naturally improve your oral microbiome by avoiding antibacterial mouthwashes and fluoridated toothpastes, flossing and oil pulling daily, and reducing your overall net carbs

By Dr. Mercola

Science is only beginning to unravel the importance your gut and oral microbiome have in relationship to your overall health. With nearly 700 microbial species colonizing the hard surfaces of your teeth and soft tissue, your mouth houses the second most diverse microbial community in your body. The complexities of the oral microbiome have given scientists new insights into the role it plays in both health and disease.

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