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Gut Bacteria Enzyme Can Change Blood Type A Into Much-Needed Type O

gut bacteria enzymes can convert blood types

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  • Although human blood looks the same, it is not identical from one person to another; this fact is an important element in ensuring safety during blood transfusions
  • There are four major blood groups, types A, B, AB and O; type O is considered the universal donor as it does not contain either antigen A or B; type AB is considered the universal receiver as it contains both and can safely accept all blood types
  • A recent study found a gut bacteria enzyme capable of removing the A antigen from red blood cells, effectively making it type O; researchers are moving forward in their search for cost effective and safe ways to use this in a clinical setting
  • Currently, blood donation is the only method to ensure every blood type is available for emergencies; the procedure is safe, effective and may help balance your own iron stores, preventing conditions associated with high iron levels

By Dr. Mercola

While all human blood is red when exposed to air, not all human blood is identical in nature. Every individual has a specific blood group inherited from your parents in much the same way you inherit other characteristics, such as eye color.

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