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Top Benefits of Celery Juice

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

celery juice health benefits

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  • Celery contains powerful vitamins and antioxidants, such as apigenin, which can enhance the neurons in your brain, and luteolin, which has been associated with reducing the risk of metastasis in women
  • Apigenin applied to a petri dish containing human stem cells for a 25-day period was found to turn the stem cells into neurons, and the synapses connecting them were “stronger and more sophisticated”
  • Celery offers phytonutrients that improve your digestive tract and cardiovascular system by fighting inflammation, and the seeds have a positive effect on your blood vessels that results in decreased blood pressure
  • A healthy food eaten raw, how celery is cooked can affect its nutritional attributes; further, organic celery is preferred, but certain compounds can act as a goitrogen if eaten in large quantities

It may surprise you to learn that celery is part of the same family of plants, called Apiaceae, as carrots and parsley, but it's probably not a surprise that it's also related to celeriac, a root vegetable.

Most people think of celery as a pleasingly crunchy veggie that goes well with carrots and radishes on party platters. But recent studies have revealed the pale green stalks, aka Apium graveolens, also have a substantial array of health benefits, as do the tiny seeds and even the juice, in spite of the fact that the stalks are fully 95 percent water.

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