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Got Fungus in Your Eyes?

May 04, 2006 | 11,154 views
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Contact lens wearers in 17 U.S. states have developed the fungal eye infection Fusarium keratitis, causing them pain and blurred vision.

Most of the victims were cleaning their contacts with "ReNu with MoistureLoc" eye solution. Stores have been removing this product from their shelves.

U.S. Shipments Stopped

The highest number of reported cases in the United States has been in Florida, with over 50 reported to date. Bausch & Lomb, which makes ReNu, has seen its stock price drop precipitously, even though tests have not confirmed that ReNu is the culprit. Even so, Bausch & Lomb has stopped U.S. shipments of the product.

Can Cause Blindness

Without an eye drop treatment that can last up to three months, Fusarium infection can scar the cornea and cause blindness. Soft contact lens wearers can protect themselves from Fusarium by washing their hands before touching their lenses.




Dr. Mercola's Comments:

You're probably already aware of recent reports about this nasty fungal infection, which started in Singapore and has now spread to the United States. Florida is the ground zero for this outbreak in America with upwards of 50 cases so far.

This fungal infection, associated with plants and soils in tropical and subtropical regions, is no minor inconvenience; it can blind you. And just the mere thought of the pain and blurred vision associated with the infection has led some consumers to switch contact lens cleaners at the very least, or to search for those long-abandoned glasses.

If all this news has made you consider laser eye surgery (LASIK), please, please don't do it. LASIK works initially for most when they try it but nearly everyone who has LASIK will eventually have problems. This is because their vision changes with time and the correction is permanently cut into their cornea and cannot be modified as they age.

This means another expensive surgery or having to go back to wearing contact lenses or glasses, which they sought to avoid in the first place.

If the ONLY point you get from reading this is to never have LASIK then you will be well served, and I will feel that I achieved my goal or warning of protecting you. I simply can't ever imagine where it would be appropriate for someone to have this procedure.

A safer, healthier option to better vision that's far cheaper than wasting countless dollars on glasses or contact lenses you'll wear over a lifetime: The Natural Eyesight Habits Program that I've used to correct and improve my own eyesight.

Despite my dedication to healthy living, about seven years ago I started noticing a progressive worsening of my eyesight. It became more difficult for me to read fine print and reading a menu in many dimly lit restaurants became nearly impossible.

After many years of searching for a way to correct the problem naturally, Dr. Larry Clapp told me about an eyesight teacher in California. This teacher taught me the important visual habits that helped restore my eyesight and help me read without the use of glasses.

Case after case and study after study conclude that this program really works. And I have created a page with some of these references so you can review them.

So I encourage you to take a look at the program and how it works.



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