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Growing Leafy Greens in Your Garden

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

Growing Leafy Greens

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  • Growing your own leafy greens is easier than you might think, starting with good soil and paying attention to hardiness zones and harvesting techniques
  • You can ferment your own leafy greens to make them even more nutritious and keep them for months at a time right on your counter
  • A simple recipe for brine consists of chlorine-free water and sea salt or kosher salt, poured into sterilized jars packed with your favorite greens
  • Lacto-fermentation is an ancient practice used across millennia and cultures to preserve food and keep fresh food longer than you could even by putting them in your refrigerator

Beet, mustard and dandelion greens. Boston, bibb and butter lettuce. Romaine, collards, Swiss chard, arugula — you get the idea. The plethora of leafy vegetables available at virtually every grocery store and farmers market is enough to make your thumbs turn green.

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