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Unveiling the Depths of the Human Psyche: Psychedelics May Unlock Parts of the Mind That Are Normally Inaccessible

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  • Research shows psychedelics may create a mystical experience centered on peace, love, gratitude and open-mindedness that make humans feel more connected with the universe
  • Psychedelics, including LSD and psilocybin, have been shown effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression and fear of death in cancer patients
  • Scientists say psychedelics align the four universal intelligences: the mind, heart, intuition (gut) and body wisdom
  • Ninety percent of the world’s cultures use psychedelics for healing and spiritual maturation and understanding
  • Psychedelics help unveil the depths of the human psyche, allowing access to parts of the mind that are normally hidden and inaccessible

By Dr. Mercola

Peace. Love. Happiness. We, as human beings, sometimes spend our entire lives trying to fulfill an innate yearning for these deep-rooted emotions, which provide a unique feeling of interconnectedness that makes us feel one with nature and the universe as a whole. Unfortunately, Western culture is largely characterized by materialism, unrealistic demands from both our personal and professional lives and constant overstimulation, i.e., the need to be "plugged in" at all times.

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