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benefits of fiber

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  • A high-fiber diet can help manage your weight. Short-chain fatty acids produced by bacteria that feed on plant fiber are also epigenetic communicators, offering protection against many chronic diseases
  • High-fiber diets help reduce your risk of premature death from any cause — a side effect linked to a reduction in chronic disease risk
  • To boost fiber intake, focus on eating more vegetables, nuts and seeds, not grains, as grains promote insulin and leptin resistance, and are frequently contaminated with glyphosate
  • To work, the fiber must be unprocessed. Organic whole husk psyllium, chia seeds, sunflower sprouts, mushrooms and fermented veggies are excellent sources of high-quality fiber
  • Three types of fiber are: soluble and insoluble fiber, and digestive-resistant starch, the latter of which is differentiated from insoluble fiber by the fact that many of its benefits result from fermentation in your large intestine

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