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Is It Beneficial to Eat Soil?

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  • After studying 2,000 soil samples, researchers from two prominent U.S. universities have uncovered a potential new class of antibiotics dubbed “malacidins,” which may one day be used to treat drug-resistant infections
  • In lab tests involving rats infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), the new antibiotic was able to successfully sterilize cuts in their skin, while the MRSA bacterium showed zero signs of resistance
  • Regular contact with healthy soil, particularly through gardening and consuming produce containing trace amounts of dirt, is a great way to help strengthen your immune system by introducing potentially healthy soil microbes to your body
  • You can help fight antibiotic resistance by taking antibiotics only when needed to treat bacterial (not viral) infections, avoiding conventional animal products, consuming prebiotic and fermented foods, and taking probiotics and sporebiotics, especially when you are on an antibiotic

By Dr. Mercola

The rates of infectious diseases that are unresponsive to the antibiotics used to treat them continue to skyrocket. Drug resistance and super bugs abound. Simply stated, drug resistance results when infection-causing bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses evolve and become immune to the drugs once used to destroy them.

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