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Miraculous Platypus Milk?

Story at-a-glance -

  • Researchers from Australia’s national science agency suggest a particular protein in platypus milk with unique antibacterial properties may be useful in the battle against drug resistance
  • Beyond platypus milk, two other unique branches of research for potentially useful antibiotic compounds involve dirt and Komodo dragon blood
  • You can do your part in the battle against drug-resistant bacteria by avoiding CAFO meat and using antibiotics only when absolutely necessary to treat bacterial infections; never use antibiotics for viral infections
  • Because a strong immune system is your best defense against infection, keep in mind your choices around diet, exercise, sleep, stress and vitamin D all play a role in strengthening your immunity, which will help your body fight harmful bacteria

By Dr. Mercola

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Molecular biologists from Australia's national science agency say platypus milk may help fight antibiotic resistance. This news is surprising in more than one way. First, you may not have realized this iconic ducklike creature, native to Australia, is one of just two living mammals able to both lay eggs and produce milk. (The echidna, or spiny anteater, is the other.)

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