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Eating Crickets Can Be Good for Your Gut

cricket health benefits

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  • In a quest for a sustainable, environmentally friendly protein source to rival meat-based protein, scientists wanted to find out what eating crickets does to the human bacterial ecosystem, known as the microbiome
  • In a clinical trial, cricket powder eaten by study subjects increased their beneficial gut bacteria while decreasing an inflammatory blood protein linked to cancer and depression
  • Crickets provide a complex array of fats, proteins, vitamins and a unique type of fiber that can help balance the microbiota in your intestines; dysbiosis, or an imbalance, is linked to metabolic problems, gut issues and even depression
  • The polysaccharide exoskeleton of crickets and other insects offers a fiber source known as chitin, which is different from the fiber in fruits and vegetables, although dietary fiber from produce is also necessary to develop gut health
  • If you’re not sold on eating insects, there are other ways you can improve your gut health; one of the best is by adding fermented foods to your plate, as are drinking black tea, exercising regularly and avoiding sugar

By Dr. Mercola

Not everyone in the world shops at supermarkets for foods to fulfill their need for critical nutrients like vitamins, protein and fiber. Many international cultures have thrived on foods that most in the West wouldn't think of ingesting, but new research has emerged that shows insects like crickets, grasshoppers and ants can supply not just sustenance, but beneficial compounds that promote gut health and fight inflammation.

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