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Feeling Fatigued or Irritable? There's a 1 in 4 Chance You Suffer from Diabetes...

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  • Type 2 diabetes, which involves loss of insulin and leptin sensitivity, is easily preventable, and nearly 100 percent reversible without drugs.
  • About eight percent of the US population have type 2 diabetes, and nearly 26 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 20 and more than 35 percent of seniors are pre-diabetic (insulin-resistant)
  • Type 1 diabetes, also called insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile-onset diabetes, involves lack of insulin and is relatively uncommon
  • One of the driving forces behind obesity and type 2 diabetes is excessive dietary fructose, which has adverse metabolic effects on your leptin, insulin, triglycerides, and ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”)
  • Diabetes drugs fail to address the underlying problem, and many, like Avandia, can have dangerous side effects. Avandia is linked to 43 percent increased risk of heart attack and 64 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death, compared with other treatments
  • Important lifestyle factors to help prevent insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes include exercise, avoiding fructose, and optimizing your vitamin D levels and gut flora

By Dr. Mercola

Much of what you have probably heard about diabetes from your health care provider may be incorrect. There is an enormous amount of misinformation circulating from seemingly knowledgeable sources about this epidemic disease.

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