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Powerful Properties of Pomegranates

Pomegranate Benefits

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  • A compound called urolithin A is created when compounds called ellagitannins, found in pomegranates, are digested by crucial bacteria in your gut
  • Urolithin A increased the running endurance of mice by 42 percent and prolonged the lives of nematode worms by 45 percent, which scientists hope can be repeated in humans
  • A process called mitophagy recycles worn out mitochondria, the” tiny powerhouses” in cells that produce energy; only urolithin A can kick-start a lagging mitophagy process
  • Pomegranates contain important minerals, plus more antioxidants than red wine, green tea and many potent fruits to help prevent inflammation, hypertension, cancer and other diseases

By Dr. Mercola

Swiss scientists recently found an element in pomegranates with promising potential to slow the effects of aging. The breakthrough catapulted pomegranates into superfood status and earned the focus of at least one biotech company eager to take advantage of the data.

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