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Why Is Butter Yellow If Milk Is White?

Dairy Products

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  • Butter-making is a multi-step process, starting with cows, which eat grass and flowers containing beta-carotene, giving it a yellow hue
  • When cows don’t get the beta-carotene-rich grass and flower diet, they’re often given a grain diet, which is unhealthy for the cows and for people who eat their butter and drink their milk
  • Artisanal butter and raw milk are growing in popularity, with natural yellow hues, and commercial dairies have already begun adding yellow coloring with annatto, from a tropical tree
  • Government agencies such as the USDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have finally acknowledged that butter is better after all, but many doctors need to get the memo

By Dr. Mercola

In your musings about odd things, it may have occurred to you to wonder, if butter is basically made from the skimmings of milk, and milk is white, why is butter yellow?

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