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Moderate dose of this stress promotes longevity

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can moderate stress increase longevity

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  • Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have found chromatin stress — the package of DNA and histone proteins — triggers a cellular response that may lead to a longer life
  • During stress, your mitochondrial function changes to guard against disease, activating two pathways; while one is important to the process, one study found mitochondria may also use other pathways to promote longevity
  • Maladaptive changes in the mitochondria from stress may be a potential mechanism the body uses to convert psychological experiences into physiological changes, which may affect the interaction with the environment and have profound implications on the idea neuropsychiatric diseases are hereditary
  • High intensity interval training and fasting have a significant impact on improving mitochondrial function and longevity. High psychological stress, which appears to be increasing in the U.S., may be positively impacted by strategies such as meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques and gardening

Stress is a response in the body that enables us to run, take down prey or run from predators, also known as the flight-or-fight response. Unfortunately, many of the same life-saving reactions your body uses to protect you from danger may also be triggered as a response to cope with the rising prices of gasoline, a fear of public speaking or dealing with difficult bosses.

In other words, the body sometimes has a difficult time turning stress off. The good news is there are several strategies you might consider to relieve the response and reduce the negative health effects if you are dealing with a lot of psychological or physical stress. However, while TV commercials and other advertising may insinuate that we should all be living in a perfect world, in truth, a world without stress may kill you.

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