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Can Cayenne Peppers Really Cure a Headache?

November 24, 2007 | 141,503 views
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Chronic headache sufferers may soon have some new alternatives. The active ingredient in cayenne peppers, capsaicin, is believed to bring headache relief by depleting Substance P, a neurotransmitter that helps send pain signals.

Although some are still skeptical, a number of studies have tested the claim, and most have found evidence to support it. One prominent study on capsaicin for pain relief was published back in 1998 in the Clinical Journal of Pain. Their review of 33 previous studies found that capsaicin worked better than a placebo for cluster headaches.

Most studies suggest that the capsaicin needs to be applied topically, such as swabbing the inside of your nose, in order for it to be effective.


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Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Cayenne pepper, also known as chili pepper, is definitely one of your more multi-functional spices, so if you’re a lover of hot and spicy food, that’s great news. Some of the research into the health benefits of capsaicin (its active ingredient) has found that it may:

  • Reverse Type 1 diabetes in mice, when injected into the pancreas
  • Relieve stomach aches, and gas
  • Help fight cancer, by binding to proteins in cancer cell mitochondria, triggering cellular death without harming healthy cells

When it comes down to it, all this research into the benefits of food products really points out the importance that your diet plays in your overall health – even though they are narrow-mindedly focusing on picking out the active ingredients to be able to patent it and put it in a pill.

Other Natural Treatment Options for Your Headaches

Headaches can generally be divided into two types, tension and migraine. Migraine can be extremely debilitating, and many of the drugs used to treat migraines are effective in relieving this severe pain, offering welcome relief. Unfortunately, they do absolutely nothing to treat the cause and in fact actually contribute to your problem as after a short while they might cause rebound headaches themselves.

Fortunately, many natural treatment options exist that can help treat migraines. These should always be considered first, as drugs to treat migraines can make your problem worse, and often come with other serious side effects.

Natural Solutions Are Your BEST Option 

Following my eating plan, which is designed to take your personal biochemistry into account, so that you’re eating the right foods for your nutritional type, seems to reduce headaches and migraines by about 80 percent.

Avoiding wheat, grains, sugar, artificial preservatives, and all fluids but water seem to be particularly effective.

However, your customized eating plan does take some time to work. In the past, I have used intravenous magnesium to relieve the headache pain, but now I find that the Emotional Freedom Technique is incredibly effective. Oftentimes it can remove your pain in as little as a few minutes.

I am sure it won’t work for everyone, but I have yet to find that person. I have found it to be truly amazing. And, as time goes on, more and more people (including some more open-minded medical professionals) will begin to accept the truth about energy medicine, as the facts about the “New Biology” becomes more widespread.

The New Biology is based on the science of epigenetics, which literally means that your mind is in control over your genes – nothing in your medical history is preordained. In essence, your mind is in total control over your physical body, and the ailments you develop. This is not a very popular truth as of yet, as most people are not willing to accept that they carry the responsibility for their health.

But, it may very well explain why energy psychology tools, such as EFT, are so effective, and can be used for such a wide variety of ailments. EFT can also be used to eliminate food cravings, which can help you stick to your eating plan.

One final, simple tip to free yourself from migraine pain -- start an exercise program. This will help to improve your response to stress along with the underlying inflammatory conditions that can trigger migraines.

Remember, your pain typically serves a very useful purpose, signaling that something is not right -- prompting you to resolve your problem at its root level.

Unfortunately, most are brainwashed and resort to a drug model to cover the problem up. So I take the position of embracing and loving pain for the important warning signal it can provide. Once you understand what is causing your pain you can start using natural therapies to address the underlying cause.

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